Chiropractic, More than “Back” pain relief

Many people think that Chiropractic is only for your back. This misconception is easily understood; after all, chiropractors do work primarily on your back. However, chiropractic is about affecting the nervous system, and the way this is done is by adjusting the spine.

Your body is controlled by three distinct nervous systems – the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and autonomic nervous system (which is further divided into the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system). All 3 parts of the nervous system must be balanced so that they can operate in unity and create a truly healthy body.

Chiropractic is great for low back and neck pain, however it works great for many ‘non back’ problems. Spinal joint fixation (subluxation) results in nerve irritation. This nervous irritation (known as facilitation) leads to exaggerated activity of the nerve, resulting in muscular tension, postural asymmetries, and limited and painful motion. Other problems include chronic hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system producing a variety of syndromes.

Your nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of your body (pg. 4 -Grays Anatomy). If a subluxation causes a nerve to become irritated, then wherever that nerve goes, that part of the body will also function in an irritated and limited manner. This basic premise has made, and even the AMA admits that, Chiropractic is the number one Alternative Healthcare System in the United States

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